Mind-Body Healing Classes

Rings of Power Meditation and Healing

Rings of Power is a Healing and Meditation technique I have developed based on the Indian natural medical system, Ayurveda, and ancient meditation practices. The method uses special energy concentration points on the fingertips and palm as well as the heart centre to access the deeply imprinted memories of trauma, negative conditioned mental pattern. Through the special meditation practices and heightened energy states acquired the negative patterns are transformed into positive productive patterns. The method also brings you to a deeply tranquil state of mind and body which is conducive to healing.

Major part of the day our mind moves rapidly from past to future. We are either thinking of past moments or projecting to the future with fantasies and plans. We constantly use past information stored in our mind base to respond to information coming through the five senses. Unconsciously, we are run by our past conditioning. We are running on past programs. So the past information stored in our mind-base like a data base conditions our present moment decisions and actions. If we have many non productive or destructive mental programs in our mind base, it is highly probable that the way we respond to present conditions is negatively.

The Rings of Power is designed to transform past information into positive energy and reinforce the positive energy imprinting these into our mind base. In treating conditions like cancer, this is very important to remove any negative impressions such as a negative prognosis given by the doctors, or any negative information associated with the cancer you have stored as a memory. Rings of Power empowers us to create new energies that promote healing and positive future outcomes. Learn special healing techniques using the positive energy generated through meditation with the mudras (rings of power).

Part Online Version

  • 1 hr sessions
  • 1 session per week
  • 2 one on one hands of sessions with Dr. Ranga

Full Online version

  • 1 hr sessions

Mind-Body Healing Classes


Meditation is a process of gradual and progressive development of the mind. It is also described as an experience of a journey not only the destination. The process requires the repeated retrieval of the mind when it moves away from the object of meditation whether it is the body, breath, a mantra, or a visual device. This constant re-focusing can become tiresome and boring to the beginning practitioner. This frequently disheartens the beginner from persisting with the method until some signs of progress appear.

After practicing and teaching meditation for many years I have developed a method of meditation which eliminates the difficulties experienced in the initial stages of the practice.

The Beautiful Mind meditation combines an ancient healing technique which uses subtle energy Self-Activations with body awareness meditation. The body awareness meditation takes you on a journey into stillness. In attaining stillness you are prepared to create a further shift in your awareness through a set of energy activations. These activations create a mental shift heightening awareness to subtle energy points, centers, and pathways, of the body. After the activation, you are taught a breathing exercise (a moving meditation). This is easy to practice as it doesn’t involve holding your attention on one object alone. The breathing exercise also attunes you to the energy flow of the body while creating a harmonious and tranquil state of mind conducive to sitting meditation.

Next, you are taken on a journey into the mind-body energy field through guided meditation which deepens the state of relaxation. The guided meditation uses the body and breath sensations as preliminary objects of meditation.

This style of meditation not only provides a healing state in the mind and body but also creates such a tranquil state which can keep the student interested and focused on the meditation with ease.

Benefits include sense of wellbeing, joy, concentration, blood pressure stabilization, stress relief, improvement in digestive disorders, immune system, more energy and enthusiasm, reduction of anxiety and depression, and reduction in pain.

Recent research into neurobiology of meditation shows that meditation creates measurable changes in brain structure and improvement in associated cognitive function. Genetic research shows that meditation can slow down ageing through the reduction in telomere shortening. We will discuss these new research findings during the course.

The Beautiful Healing Mind Course Outline

Session 1:

The Body and Its Subtle Nature: Introduction: General introduction to meditation-Two major styles of meditation.

Awareness of the body: In this session you will first develop awareness to your body.
This awareness has three depths; superficial (gross), medium, and deep.

Energy Self-Activation:
The activation of subtle energy flow in 6 points to create a state of heightened awareness.

The Energizing Breathing Exercises:
Moving Meditation: Introduction to the 12 Energizing Breaths is a practice enhancing
health and deeper awareness of the body and subtle energy centers and energy flow.

Sitting Meditation:

  • Guided meditation 15-20 minutes.
  • Discussion: What are your experiences?
  • Home /Work Practice Assignments


Session 2:

Refining awareness of the subtle energy of the body Understanding the 7 energetic elements in meditation:

  • 12 Energizing Breaths-Sharpening Awareness of energy flow in the main channels and centers.
  • Body Awareness exercise.
  • Experiencing Subtle energy flow Identifying and experiencing (4) elements,
  • 5th, 6th element, and 7th elements: Integrating the knowledge of the elements into activities such as:
    – Walking
    – Eating
    – Drinking
    – Touching
    – Feeling and thinking.
  • Home /Work Practice Assignments


Session 3:

Introducing breath as an object:

  • Moving from gross to subtle levels of experiencing the breath. Continuing level of refinement:
  • Stilling the body
  • Stilling the breath
  • Stilling the mind:
    The preliminary stages (1-4) of breath awareness meditation is taught.


  • Guided meditation
  • Breath Awareness Stages 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Homework Practice
  • Assignments


Session 4:

Getting to know your mind and the higher vibrational energy:
The 4 component cycle:

  • Awareness
  • Intention
  • Attention
  • Heightened Awareness Resonance.
    Applying these mental states to healing.
  • 5 energy blocks that hinder meditation.
  • 5 Mental focus factors that promote concentration.
  • The Four Mudras (Divine Mental States and Attuning these to the 4 the Mudras and the heart centre.
  • Healing Practice with another using different Mudras.


  • Experiencing the energy of the mudras and the associated
  • mental states.
  • Home /Work Practice Assignments:


Session 5:

12 Energizing Breath in synchrony with breath and refining breath, movements, and energy:

  • Breath Awareness stages 5 and 6.
  • Mind-Body Healing Model
  • Mind as an energy field interacting with the body as an energy field
  • Mind and its co-arising factors-What conditions the mind?
  • Mind Conditioners: Experiencing the energy of joy and contentment
  • Creating a state of healing and health through the development of Joy and Contentment.
  • Guided Meditation: Breath Meditation: Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
  • How Joy and Contentment conditions the Mind and Bod Experiencing mental signs of concentrated energy and Mind-Body Harmony
  • What is resonance and Resonant State I ? 


  • Guided Meditation–Stages 1-6
  • Mudras and transforming negative states.


Session 6:

Breath Meditation:

  • Stages 1-6 refining the mental states.
  • Experiencing the beauty, tranquility, and power of the concentrated mind.
  • Further developing the sign of concentration
  • Using the energy generated for healing through the 4 cycles
    Attaining the Resonant State I of higher concentration.
  • Attaining healing through the process of Stilling, 4 Cycles of the Mind.
  • Silent Meditation on the breath-stages 1-6:
  • Focusing the energy for healing oneself and others
  • Your Investment: $220.00
  • Course Duration: 6 weeks
  • Session Duration: 1.5 Hrs per week

There are limited spaces so book in early at World of Health at 9969-3920

Online Meditation Classes:
All of the above courses can be taken as online courses with training using video instructions and skype/phone training. Please inquire details on enrolling.

Full Online Version $160 (Six 1hr Sessions)

Special 30 Day Mind-Body Cleansing Meditation $30

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