Welcome to the Return To Wellness December Newsletter! The purpose of the newsletter is to bring you information on new nutritional research and products which have shown excellent results with clients in my practice. Also this newsletter provides you the opportunity to ask questions regarding health issues via the contact form.

My research interest into novel and unique supplements that come into the market has resulted in testing and trialing numerous products. Some products are retail products, Pracitioner Only products, and some direct sales products. Whatever the marketing and distribution mode is my interest is in finding the best formulae that will benefit myself and for my patients. In the past 25 years in clinical practice I have tested many products and if they are unique, safe, and effective I will use in my practice. I have listed these products I currently use and as I discover new products I will continue to present in this website.

Super Antioxidants:

There’s nothing like a new car and you never forget the day your drive your first one off the lot. But eventually your new car ages, the catalytic converter becomes less effective, the exhaust isn’t very clean, things begin to rust and the engine suffers wear and tear. Our cells are like car engines. They have the same combustion process, produce some of the same byproducts and clean up with similar catalytic converters. When we’re young, our enzymes (our cells’ catalytic converters) function well and do a good job cleaning the toxic byproducts our bodies generate. But unfortunately, like cars, our bodies don’t always function like new. As we age our bodies produce more free radicals and less of the special enzymes that fight free radicals causing oxidative stress.

The damage by oxidative stress leads to the symptoms of aging. We obtain energy by burning fuel with oxygen; that is, by combining digested food (Glucose) with oxygen from the air we breathe. This is a controlled metabolic process that, unfortunately, also generates dangerous byproducts. These include free radicals-electronically unstable atoms or molecules capable of stripping electrons from any other molecules they meet in an effort to achieve stability. In their wake they create even more unstable molecules that attack their neighbors in domino-like chain reactions. This causes toxic effects that damage all components of the cell, including proteins, lipids and DNA. Oxidative stress represents an imbalance between the production of oxygen and the body’s ability to detoxify and repair the damage caused at the cellular level. In other words, although we need oxygen to live, high concentrations of it are actually corrosive and toxic.

​One of the natural causes of ageing is the effect of oxidative stress on chromosomal constituents or Genes. Chromosomes comprise of a long tightly coiled DNA chains. Telomeres are the end areas of DNA which do not carry vital information but gets shortened with each cell division as DNA replication takes place. Having long Telomeres are indicative on long life span. Accelerated ageing and accompanying chronic degenerative diseases can be attributed to the toxic environment we live in and naturally short telomeres. Toxic load on cells increase oxidative stress and damage to the cellular constituents.

​If one has genetically inherited shorter telomeres that can be compounding the probability of faster ageing and disease.
Telomerase is the enzyme that is capable of lengthening Telomeres and Research has focused on finding activators of this enzyme.

Product B co-developed by Dr Bill Andrews (Pioneering Telomere Researcher) and John Anderson, Isagenix Master Formulator, supplies critical nutrient mix to support and protect Telomeres and prevent excessive shortening.due to external toxic factors.Influences of our toxic environment at the cellular level. More information at:


Are antioxidants the solution? Can we slow down ageing and prevent chronic degenerative diseases by increasing our antioxidant intake? we are fortunate in this respect as research into antiageing and nutritional medicine offers certain unique solutions.

While one antioxidant molecule can fight only one or two free radicals before it is soon depleted of its electrons, the body’s free radical-fighting enzymes can each eliminate up to one million free radicals per second, every second. The most effective way to fight free radicals and the oxidative stress they cause is to trigger the body to produce its own free radical-fighting enzymes. Protandim activates the body’s natural enzymes that substantially reduce free radicals..

Protandim is a formula that I tested over 3 years ago as a potential multi-functional formula I could use in my practice. Its unique combination of herbs used in traditional chinese medicine and Ayurveda not only function in the traditionally attributed ways but also work at the epigenetic level providing profound benefits.

Protandim activates a set of survival genes which generate and up-regulate a family of antioxidant enzymes that eliminate free radicals at a rate one million times/second faster than regular antioxidants.
More information at www.abcliveit.com

Almost 3 years ago I was introduced to a new formula called Recovery with HydroFx. This is a formula that is unique and generates molecular hydrogen as negatively charged nano bubbles which within seconds of ingestion diffuse into the body. Molecular Hydrogen can rapidly and selectively neutralize damaging free radicals such as peroxynitrites and hydroxyl radicals while not reacting with super oxide and hydrogen peroxide which are important Redox Signalling Molecules.


The newest formula I have been testing is ASEA which contains a set of 20 stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules. ASEA is available as a liquid and a gel (Renu28) with clinically tested benefits for skin health.

Redox signaling molecules are cellular message carriers that help rejuvenate cells, generate energy, and activate antioxidants. So with such a vital role in human health, it’s no surprise that redox signaling is at the forefront of medical research. In fact, more than 10,000 peer-reviewed papers have been written about it—there is even a scientific journal dedicated to its study. More information from:

I consider that these products to be an essential component of any antiageing program. All three products cost under $10 per day.

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