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Welcome to Return to Wellness! This site is dedicated to my natural therapy practice which encompasses Clinical Nutrition, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Bio-Energetic Healing, and Meditation training. My focus is in helping clients to discover causative factors that are underlying the disease. True healing arises when the causes are removed. True healing is bringing the mind and body from fragmented, dispersed, disharmonious, and dis-ease state to a whole and well state that is in balance and harmony with nature.

Health and Wellness Consultation Services to restore your body and mind.

  • BERRT (Bio-Energetic Response and Resonance Test)
  • Palm, Pulse and Tongue Assessment
  • Ayurvedic Palm, Pulse, and Tongue Assessment
  • BERRT (Bio-Energetic Response and Resonance Test)
  • Dark Field Microscopic Screening of Blood
  • Dark Field Microscopic Screening of Blood
  • BERRT (Bio-Energetic Response and Resonance Test)
  • Ayuvedic Pulse, Tongue and Palm Assessment
  • Acu-Point and Meridian BalancingAGEs Test (Bio-Marker of Ageing)

Dark Field Microscopic Screening of Blood

Dark-Field Microscopic assessment of blood uses a small drop of blood to be analyzed under a dark-field microscope. You will see your blood and the state of health of all blood components. You also see the effect of current diet, alcohol, smoking, toxic burden (stored chemical and microbial toxicity), and parasitic organisms among many other things which influence your blood thereby your state of well being.

Why have a Blood Test?
– Are you always tired?
– Do you suffer from digestive discomforts?
– Getting colds and flu frequently?
– Do you have skin rashes, food allergies or hayfever?
– Dark Field Microscopic Screening can provide you some answers

Seeing is believing! Book your Blood Test and see for yourself how healthy are you really?

Blood sample showing high level of oxidative stress and damage.

Blood sample taken 2 minutes after taking 4 tablets of Molecular Hydrogen (Unique formula that releases Molecular hydrogen: A super antioxidant)

Health Assessment Bio-Energetic Resonance Response Test (BERRT)

Acu-Point Testing or Bio-Energetic Response Test (BERT) uses electro-dermal acu-point testing (EDAPT) assessment of 20 Acu-Points reflecting the bio-energetic state of 20 organs systems. This test indirectly evaluates the electrical conduction level of the skin along the acupuncture meridian. The assumption is that the current affects the electrical membrane potential of cells and an assessment could be made based on the response.

Based on the response value of each organ system, a pattern can be recognized and comparing this with the client’s health history and current presentation of symptoms, a plan of action can be taken to assist with diet, supplementation, and mind-body wellness programs.

Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of medicine. It is the Science (Veda) of Life (Ayur). Ayurveda looks at the bio-energetic make-up (constitution)we are born with and how the influence of food, water, and external environmental factors affect the bio-energetic constitution of the body.

Ayurvedic Consultations

Ayurvedic Pulse Analysis

Assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, and quality of the function of the 12 major organ systems through the pulse.

Ayurvedic Tongue Analysis

Assessment to determine the state of major organs.

Ayurvedic Constitutional Analysis

Through examination of the pulse, tongue, body structure and answers to a questionnaire, your unique bio-energetic constitution can be determined.

Ayurvedic Palm Assessment

Determine the constitutional strengths and weaknesses.

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Based on your the constitution and current state of imbalance, a proper diet can be designed to bring the constitution to balance.