In my clinical experience, the products shown below in combination are the most effective supplements that can be used to support the body’s detoxification and elimination of environmental toxins. In supporting detoxification, it is important to use:

  • High quality supplements with potency.
  • Supporting the liver in its detox functions by providing the necessary nutrients,
  • Supporting bowel function to eliminate detoxfied chemicals released by the liver with bile while supporting kidney function are crucial in reducing the \ toxic load.

My own formula, Nourish Detox Cleanse serves in the function of nourishing tissue with highly digestible vegan protein, fibre, organic vegetable concentrate full of phyto-nutrients aiding chelation of heavy metals and other toxic, as well as powerful herbal extracts that protect cells and support detoxification. chemicals. Liver Rx assists the liver by providing vital nutrients for the detoxifying enzymes.

Fusion Detox works as a general organ detoxifier and assists the colon to release toxins through increased bowel movements. Lipoic acid functions in several ways. It binds to heavy metals, assists liver function, and functions as an antioxidant. Combining these nutrients in a specific protocols uniquely designed for your specific needs can provide you with an effective formula for detoxification. Other options are also provided for more specific detoxifications.

When you make a booking for a Toxic Chemical Burden Assessment, I can create a specific detox protocol for you.
Special: $50 (Assessment)